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Join the Team.

We are always searching for experienced and dedicated workers. Apply today for DOT and Non-DOT positions.

Why Work at Red Stag, LLC?

Red Stag, LLC has been a leading milk hauling business for years. We are always looking to expand our company with the best employees. We strive to create a community here that always feels welcome. Our workers are very dedicated to their jobs, and for good reason. Join the team to find a place at home with Red Stag.  

     EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER                                                                                


We are committed to fostering a strong-willed environment and community here at Red Stag, both on the road and at the office.

 Find more information about what positions work best for you below.

Company Driver

Owner Operator      

Other Positions

Are you a Third-Party?

If you are a company owner with your own DOT authority and insurance, and are experiencing a slow period, we may have hauling opportunities that could help fill the gaps. If you're interested, feel free to inquire now and we can provide more information.

Here at Red Stag, we are committed to offering our employees the best provisions.


Red Stag makes a dedicated effort in providing a supportive environment at work and a sustainable life at home for our employees. Please click the button above to view our employee benefits.

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