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Truck Wash

CIP Services

Learn about our clean in place service at Red Stag.

Red Stag's Process

We are proud of our process that is used to sanitize any equipment needs. CIP cleaning, stands for Clean-In-Place System. It is a procedure that cleans interior product contact surfaces such as tankers and equipment without disassembling them.

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What is a Food Grade Wash Out?

A food grade wash process is when a trailer is cleaned thoroughly that was used for transporting any particular liquid or food commodity.  This has to be done before a new load every time. This ensures that there are no remaining particles from the previous load.

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Truck Washing

Why is it Important to Practice Good CIP Wash Outs?

  • Cross-contamination can occur with previous load remnants

  • Lowered integrity of next product in the tank

  • Bacterial growth

  • Failed inspections

  • Increase in cost due to service failures

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